So I’m going to go ahead and try this whole blogging thing. After the “Gay Girl in Damascus” fiasco I realized how much difference one little blog can make. Although, unlike the gay girl in Damascus blogger, I am actually the person in the “About Me” section and not a 40 year-old man.

I’m a recent college graduate living in D.C. and currently searching for full-time employment. I always imagined that after I graduated I would move to a big city with a decent entry level job and my own cute little studio apartment, but that’s not exactly where I’m at.   Right now, I’m crashing in a friend’s basement and I’m still looking for that entry level job.

I’ve been extremely frustrated with the job search lately and I know that many people around my age are in a similar predicament.  Unemployment is at 9.1% and one report by a Congressional budget organization says that our personal share of the national debt will be $161,000 by 2032. Those numbers make the future look pretty bleak for us 20-somethings.

I’m starting this blog for three reasons:

1. I’m hoping that my little blog could help make a difference

2. I’ve heard that blogging is therapeutic and I’m extremely frustrated with the job search right now.

3. Since I’m not employed full-time, I have my fair share of free time!

I want to use this blog to connect with other young people around the country so we can all share advice, information and help each other out. I feel that we are an intelligent and energetic generation and that, if we join together, we have the power to change our future.


17 responses to “Frustrated…

  • Bill

    Are your figures correct on the debt portion by 2032 should it be a larger number?

  • rebekahmeinecke

    Bill, you are correct. The actual number is $161,000. The number has been updated since I first researched it. I’ll change that. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Hi Rebekah,

    I, too, am a recent graduate trying to find full-time employment. I completely understand your frustration with trying to get your life established but can’t because no one is hiring. I hope things start to change soon for both of us!


  • SarahR

    I hear you! I know how hard it can be. Believe me. Hang in there, these tend to open up all at once.

  • jstepman

    Wow! I love this idea; I really think you are on to something with this blog. There are so many people like myself who are basically in the same boat that you are. Keep up the good writing!

  • rebekahmeinecke

    Thanks for the comments. Sarah R, I sure hope something opens up!

    Sarah, I’m so sorry you’re in the same situation, if you would like to email me your story we can arrange a “guest posting” (

    Jstepman Thank you 🙂

  • Hannah J. Holmes

    I am LOVING the nature/topic of your blog – can SO relate to this. I blog occasionally about how life after college is definitely not what I expected. You are speaking to your generation, girl, and I think that’s just fabulous 🙂

  • hmcruz

    I feel ya! I’m lookin’ too. The great part is in the blogging world…you REALLY do have a whole group of people who understand you 110%. Having a perfect stranger who is in your same predicament somewhere else in the country really helps for some reason. Unlike talking to my mother-in-law, who just doesn’t quite understand how hard it is to get that entry level position!

    What kind of job are you looking for and where?

    • rebekahmeinecke

      You’re right, I’m totally loving this whole blogging thing! Is so nice to have people who can understand and relate. It does seem that the previous generation just doesn’t quite “get it.”

      I have a communication degree with a specialization in public relations. I’ve had 4 internships in publicity, government relations, and strategic communications….but all the openings seem to look for 3-5 yrs experience 😦

      • hmcruz

        I know, it’s ridiculous! I’ve applied to quite a few jobs that require 3 – 5 years…but obviously haven’t heard (much of) anything back! I just graduated with a BA in journalism, and I’m in the exact same boat. I’ve had a news writing internship, a public relations internship, and a photo editor internship position…but there are VERY, very few starting positions! I’m freelancing right now, but come on…that’s not quite a job!

        I’ve also been applying to a lot of non-profit positions.

        The good news if you have a blog, and you know basic html and understand social media…that is a GREAT thing to put on a resume.

        What frustrates me is seeing all my peers I graduated with getting jobs. I’m excited for them, but at the same time…I really feel like God was on there side!!

  • Lucky Jack

    Great story – how brave of you to put yourself out there and try to make your career dreams come true.

    Remember that Teddy Roosvelt quote about the “Credit belongs to the man in the arena…who, if he fails, fails while daring greatly…” You’re putting yourself in the arena (while living in the basement 🙂 but you’re trying to make things happen under very difficult circumstances.

    I live in Charlottesville but have friends in DC area – if they have any openings for someone like you – I’ll let you know.

    Best wishes…

  • Caitlin

    Hang in there. The right job will come, at the right time. I had a job, and my husband and I moved… Forcing me back into the unemployed pool. Do everything you can to stand out from others. Utilize temp agencies, friends.

    Good luck!

  • Stephanie Directo

    Just reading through your blog and comments and your thoughts and experiences ring true for me as well. We are not alone in this rat race to get a job. Just keep at it and don’t let the no’s get to you. ~S

  • itsbritt

    i’m glad you decided to start blogging. it really is therapeutic and it’s great for networking. you never know who may stumble across your blog.

    good luck with your job seeking efforts. i was luckily offered a job in my field after interning with the company and have now been with them for 2 years. i am always keeping my eye out though – it’s tough out there! you seem motivated and driven so you will eventually find one that’s perfect for you. keep writing :]

  • Undercurrent Coaching

    This is a wonderful blog, thanks Rebekah for sharing your thoughts. For all those who are frustrated, desperate and downright drained from life-after college — well, I was totally in your shoes and because of that experience, I became a life-coach for Generation Y. I know quite a thing or two about what it takes to keep your sanity, wallet and spirits up during this really hard time.

    I’m now 27, I found a job, found my true passion, found a fantastic loving relationship, and want to help others get through their quarter-life crisis.

    Check out my site or drop me an email at

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