10 Things Unemployed People Like

For a little comic relief in the life of us unemployed 20-somethings, (we need it!) I want to share my list of the top ten things unemployed people like.

#10 Obeying All Traffic Laws to Avoid Fines  

Unfortunately, this one hits really close to home as I’m STILL paying off a speeding ticket to the state of Georgia. Who knew there was an extra “super speeder” fine of $200 on top of the regular speeding ticket price? I am now 100% obeying every single little traffic law on the books. In fact, I’ve almost quit driving because I live in constant fear of more traffic fines.

#9 Fast Food Value Menus

This one goes out to my friend Jarrett, who unashamedly told me yesterday that he only orders off of dollar menus.

#8 Watching Embarrassing Movies During Odd Hours for Privacy

Guilty as charged! Thanks to my top ten list of unemployment movies you all have plenty more options to watch in the privacy of your homes.

# 7 Pretending to be a Student to Get Discounts

I literally just did this over the weekend at the movies. I figure I have at least 10 more years left of people believing I’m a student and I plan to use those to my advantage!

#6 Yelling at Employees of Government Agencies

I recently did this to the lovely employees of the state of Georgia over the whole super speeder fine incident. Yes, I was on hold for an hour but the best part of being unemployed is that I have the time to wait!

#5 Walking Everywhere to Kill time

This is very true but I must add that I also walk to avoid traffic fines (see #10), because walking is free, and public transportation costs money.

#4 Annoying Employed Friends While They’re At Work

What else are Gchat/Facebook chat for?

#3 Becoming Addicted to Any TV Show

I’ve recently started watching shows I never had an interest in. Thanks to Hulu.com they are free and easily accessible, although, the whole Hulu plus thing is really starting to cramp my style.

#2 Scouring the Internet for Free Things to Do

Soon I will be bringing you my own personal list! I’m currently working on putting it together so stay tuned!

#1 Blogging About Being Unemployed

This obviously hits the nail right on the head. However, I believe it is the best thing to do while unemployed because it can connect me to all of you wonderful people who are in my situation.

I wish I could take credit for this brilliant list but it was actually stolen from the website stuffunemployedpeoplelike.com.

What do all of you other unemployed people out there like? Also, be sure to check out and “like” the Facebook page I just created for this blog.


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