A Sad Day

I usually don’t like to post anything depressing on Fridays but this is a sad day for us unemployed 20-somethings. Unemployment rose from 9.1% to 9.2% last month. Feel free to read the whole story from CNN.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas they care to share? I don’t know enough about politics but I feel like nothing is improving!

In an effort to not leave you too depressed, I am adding this unemployment cartoon. Enjoy!



7 responses to “A Sad Day

  • kirstyblether

    i’d say its probably a comfort to know that this side of the pond is the exact same….but its probably not going to help!
    love the cartoon, i can see my folks attempting the if your back under our roof conversation happeing.

  • sarammck

    I read another article about this today too, so depressing. But I do enjoy the cartoon! Hopefully things will get better soon!

  • Heather Miliman

    This economy is so awful. With a degree from Vanderbilt I did door to door sales for 6 months, then sold cars for 7 before landing a ‘real job’ (which paid about $11.50 an hour). Then when my boyfriend and I moved to Texas, it took another 4 months for me to find anything at all. I couldnt get hired working retail because I was ‘overqualified,’ but I couldnt get anything I really wanted because there were hundreds or even thousands of people applying for every single position.

    Dont let yourself get too depressed about it – something will turn up. Incidentally, I work in DC and my company has some openings. You may want to check out http://www.apa.org to see what’s available.

    Good luck!

  • GhostRider

    Rebakah… At some point in a life, we understand the true nature of relativity and realize how EVERYTHING is relative. The good thing about being an unemployed college student who is in her or his 20s is you can ride it out. If this Great Depression lasts a decade, you’re in your 30s, pretty young. People in our mid 50s are pretty much screwed as not only will we be in our mid 60s, it will have robbed us of our last decade of normal gainful employability. BTW, if you’re instill in St. Augustine.go to the beach for a little while every day as the ocean effect is energizing and still a cheap activity.

    • rebekahmeinecke

      Your words are very true but sometimes it’s so stressful to be in this situation. The beach is great advice, I used to do that all the time! Unfortunately, I’m in D.C. now so that’s not an option 😦

  • sugarmouse

    cute cartoon, lols. i’m hoping your luck turns around soon on this whole unemployment thing. /hugs

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