Hire Me!

These Urban Outfitters shirts were brought to my attention by some of my fellow “unemployed” friends.

I think that these shirts really speak volumes about the way we 20-somethings feel. There are so many of us who are frustrated with the youth unemployment situation and these shirts are a great way to express that feeling in a chic way.

The best part about these shirts is that they’re only $5 which is great for us unemployed people!! How about you, would you wear a shirt with this message?


9 responses to “Hire Me!

  • Remy

    At this point I definitely would. While I am babysitting, a more steadier income would be nice but no one’s biting the bait, and I’m following up and everything! rawr!

  • Sophie @ threetimesf

    Haha they are great shirts! Thankfully I am fortunate enough to have a job now, but was unemployed for months before this. I so would have worn one of them – we need to get the message out any way we can!

  • Angela

    Those are awesome- I’d definitely rock one! Probably the yellow one. And $5 At Urban Outfitters? Even better.

  • GhostRider

    Being that I am unemployed and $5 buys me 60miles all over beautiful Miami Beach on my 1700 Road Sliver Edition RoadStar, which would you say is the better deal? Entertaining myself or entertaining others when they see my shirt?

  • waidey

    Just read all your blog after you commented on mine and I share every sentiment. It’s a shame a t-shirt like this wouldn’t work as I could really use a break.

    I just finished my degree from a top university and nothing is going my way on the job front. Job boards are useless, interview feedback is non existing and I’m running out of options. For me not getting work in London has bigger ramifications, my long term and I will likely break up and I’ll have no money to search for a job.

    I’m really starting to wonder if university hasn’t worsened my prospects. I’m in a hole in a skill gap that I see no easy way out of. Politics, Maths and Unemployment blogging should be a career.

  • costlyopportunities

    To wear one or not to wear one? Hmmm, well it depends on what kind of job you are trying to get as well. For any “creative” type of job, these t-shirts would be great!

  • Miss Sassy Pants

    Haha these are awesome!

    I swear there has been one moment in my life where I would think something and then Urban Outfitters would make a shirt with my exact thought.

  • sugarmouse

    yeah, i would definitely!

    i know that i might possibly sound completely ungrateful but i’m unhappy with my current job and looking for the next place to make the leap of change.

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