The Upside of Unemployment!

Today, I’m looking at unemployment with a “glass half full” attitude. I found a website that gave me a laugh and actually makes me grateful that I’m unemployed. Since my post yesterday was slightly depressing, I thought maybe we could all use a chance to see the downside of employment. These gems are from a

#1. Please fire me. A 50-something-year-old co-worker asked, “Where’s Canada? Is that the one below us or above us?”

#2. Please fire me. My boss makes everyone sign out on a list when they leave their desk to go to the bathroom.

#3. Please fire me. My co-worker got married over a year ago, and she still has at least ten photos of her wedding hanging up in her office along with the “Welcome Back Mrs. XXX” poster we made for when she returned from her honeymoon. Too much? Too much.

#4. Please fire me. My co-worker doesn’t know who Colin Powell is. She Googled him, saw his picture and said “Oh! He’s an actor, right? The guy that did the voice of Mufasa!” She thought he was James Earl Jones.

#5. Please fire me. I work with the most awkward person ever. She will stand behind me quietly until I notice and stare blankly at me when I turn around.

This is how she starts every conversation.

There you go! I’m not sure if these are actually legit but at least they should give you a good laugh.


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