What do You Think?

It’s pretty obvious that youth unemployment is the main theme of my blog and my life so it’s no surprise that this article in the National Journal caught my eye.

The article talks about the sad situation we 20-somethings are in. It says that youth unemployment is close to a 30-year high and the employment-to-population ratio for our generation is the lowest it’s been since the Labor Dept. started tracking data in 1948.

The article also warns that high youth unemployment generally leads to social unrest. We have all seen this happen recently in Greece and Spain.

Eventually, the article discusses how the youth vote went overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008 and how the lack of improvement in the economy may effect the youth turnout for Obama in 2012.

I was a young college student during the ’08 election and I remember the excitement in  the air and the energy that surrounded the Obama campaign. Students were out in front of the library and classrooms with voter registration forms, encouraging everyone to vote. They would travel all over the state to see Obama speak and attend rallies. Everyone really believed in him and the energy was infectious.

I feel that a lot of the excitement, energy and optimism has disappeared. Now, I  notice an overwhelming feeling of frustration in the air. These things do make me wonder if, as the article says, Obama will overwhelmingly win the youth vote once again. Do you other 20-somethings agree?

I’m trying out a poll for the first time so I hope it works!

What do you think


3 responses to “What do You Think?

  • BonjourMissMary

    I don’t think it is possible to see changes in unemployment within a few short years. With such a global economy, national economic turnarounds cannot be achieved within one term. Change will only occur once parties are willing to collaborate. Switching from one party to another each election will only make economic recovery slower. However, that is just my humble opinion, as I am against blaming problems on specific parties.
    It isn’t solely the parties that make government ineffective, but the democratic restrictions placed upon them (i.e. term limits, ect…). This isn’t to say I am against democracy or a democratic republic (because I am not), but we should form our political opinions around these realities and find solutions that embrace these restrictions…or find alternative democratic means of attaining bipartisan goals.
    It will be interesting to see the amount of support Obama gets in 2012, but even more interesting to see who will be running on the Republican ticket!

  • Jessica Kelly

    I’m over this economy and I’m over unemployment. I was already skeptical in 08 and 2012 is no exception. The only thing that changed for me was losing my job and juggling random things constantly to stay afloat, I’m ready for a positive change.

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