The Unemployed Game Show!

Happy Friday! I have noticed through your comments and blogs that many of you seem to fit the definition of “underemployment.” This definition is from and I thought it was pretty thorough.

A situation in which a worker is employed, but not in the desired capacity, whether in terms of compensation, hours, or level of skill and experience. While not technically unemployed, the underemployed are often competing for available jobs.

I want to go more in depth on this issue later but, since it’s Friday, I wanted to share this video which is funny but also made me think. Let me what you guys think about it!

2 responses to “The Unemployed Game Show!

  • Lotus Flower

    Love it. You make me realize being unemployed is very awesome.

  • Tori

    Until I watched this video, it literally DID NOT occur to me that people who “aren’t really looking” or people who work four hours a week at a job they’re way overqualified for aren’t counted in the unemployed statistics.

    I am now officially convinced that the world is coming to an end.

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