Are You Paying Attention?

I have noticed that I’ve been following politics closely since I graduated and have been without full time employment. I find myself actually caring about potential GOP candidates, specifically their background in the economic arena. I have also been watching the Obama administration closely to understand what is being done to solve the unemployment problem.

I guess this is the first time I really felt passionately about any kind of political or economic issues. I spoke in a previous post about how in the ’08 election youth were extremely excited, but I don’t remember ever really discussing political issues. This time I want to be 100 percent informed, especially on the unemployment issue.

Although the situation is pretty bad, I still have the hope that my vote could make a difference. I haven’t given up on our democracy yet and I think that many of us 20-somethings feel that way. I believe that’s why we haven’t had any mass riots like Greece is seeing.

The poll last time was a great success so I wanted to know: what do you think? If you have more to say please let me know in the comment section!


3 responses to “Are You Paying Attention?

  • positiveredhed

    Did you tally the results of your Obama poll?
    As tough as it is to be 50 something and unemployed, I am sure it is tougher on a young person (although I have a double whammy cuz it means that my unemployed daughter still lives with me — I mean I love her, but . . .).
    Here is a HST quote for you: “When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro”.

  • costlyopportunities

    That’s interested..the opposite has happened to me. I used to be better informed about most everything going on in politics. These days, I am more reluctant to listen to every presidential speech in its entirety, or browse the politics sections of newspapers like I used to…but you are right, I think it is more important to be better informed right now and to know what our government is doing to rectify the current economic situation. However disheartening it may be for us, we must remained informed!

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