Which Video Resume was Successful?

I recently came across an article on Mashable that talked about how you can spruce up a boring resume. One section included tips for creating a video resume.

  1. Keep the video short
  2. Describe the value you bring to the position
  3. Explain why you are best for the job
  4. Use a storytelling format
  5. Take your time to do it right before uploading to YouTube

I have played around with the idea of a video resume but I am wary because of the disaster that befell Aleksey Vayner back in 2006. Although I wouldn’t have to worry about lies that were in my resume,  I would be more worried about the public humiliation aspect if the video wasn’t successful.

So here I have three video resumes for your review. One video is pretty lame, one is very creative and the other landed the creator a job.

Which do you think is the most successful? Would you ever do a video resume?


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