Craigslist…The job search continues

So I decided to look on Craigslist as part of my job search (desperate, I know!). This is a sample of what a simple search for jobs in Washington D.C. returned.

Chess Teachers WANTED!!!! (really? People want that?)
Looking for Asian women for anonymous egg donation (I mean I totally would, except I would want those eggs to know who they came from)
Hookah Guy Needed (sexist.)
Looking for Moms Who Love to Shop and Make Money!!! (I love to shop and make money! Now all I need is a kid…)

The outlook for potential jobs got even worse when I looked at “Gigs” in D.C.

Punching Bag (this one speaks for itself.)
Actress for a Youtube film (LIKE OMG IM GOING TO BE FAMOUS)
Clean Up my Hair (Really?)
Film: Casting the Virgin Mary (I hear the Virgin Mary hangs out on free classified websites a lot)
Models: Classy lingerie (Well as long as it’s classy…)
Casting Call for Spoiled Girls (So many spoiled girls peruse Craigslist, so I am sure they will find someone)

But my absolute favorite has to be this guy: “GREAT SINGER SEEKIN MANAGEMENT

Check him out!


5 responses to “Craigslist…The job search continues

  • Options Trading Guide

    Sounds like a lot of great leads in DC… yikes. Surprised there were no ads for “Budget cruncher needed” or “Flim-flammer econo-speak mumbo-jumbo artist needed”

  • Eric

    Ahhh, but was there one for a lingerie-wearing Asian teacher with dirty hair that plays chess? Set the bar know…lol

    This post had me rolling!!

  • Heather Rose

    Is that U Street? I think I saw these guys filming this …

    Also, how do I become a “PROFETIONAL” and learn how to speak/sing in autotune? Clearly, that’s where my job search went wrong…

  • Kim

    haha, when i was looking for a job fresh out of university, i was searching everywhere for a job! The one thing that kept coming up on most website (even the proper agency ones) was adult film actors! Needless to say, i never got that desperate (thank god!)

    Good luck with your search!

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