What is Important to You?

I posted earlier about how I have been paying more attention to the political world. Since I’ve been watching, I’ve noticed a trend with some of the potential GOP candidates. They have spent a significant amount of time talking about job creation. Texas Gov. Rick Perry especially likes to mention job creation since Texas was responsible for 537,500 new jobs in the past five years.

Obviously, job creation is an extremely important issue to an unemployed 20-something like myself. Of course there are many other issues to consider but I wanted to ask if all of you think the GOP candidates are on the right track? Is it a good idea to focus on the job issue?

Below are videos from potential candidates Perry and Romney that highlight the unemployment issue our country is facing.


One response to “What is Important to You?

  • Shane Pilgrim

    As someone who will be entering the workforce within the next year (or 3) job creation is definitely a very important topic to me. Is it the only issue? No. And I don’t pretend to know anything about the politics game. But nevertheless it would influence my decisions.

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