UnAwesome Things about Unemploment

In my post the other day that featured some of the best websites to waste your time on, I noticed that the site most people visited from my page was 1000 UnAwesome Things.

I decided to have the brilliant blogger behind the site, Tyler Kirk, do a guest post for us. He’s compiled a list of “unawesome” thing about unemployment. Enjoy!

Having to borrow money – You’re already drowning in student loans, and now you’re forced to turn to the only people who are less giving than those at the bank: Your parents.

Trying to explain to people why you haven’t found a job – Why it is that people always think you’re not putting in any effort into the job hunt? If only it were socially acceptable to scream at stupid people…

Coming up empty handed – Application after application, your hopes grow with every call back and interview, but then comes the gut-wrenching nothingness of it all. You didn’t get the job. Time to send the ol’ app to Burger King.

Feeling like your college degree is worth nothing – No, no. Eighty thousand dollars isn’t a big deal. You don’t mind spending that for nothing, right? Psh, pocket change.

Day-time television – You can’t be turning in applications every day. And when you’re not, you’re likely at home, being subjected to Ellen, soap operas, Wendy Williams, Rachael Ray, and midday news, when nothing is happening.

Being bored by yourself – Yep. Everyone else is at work.

Friendly conversations – Girl: “You’re so interesting. Where do you work?” Guy: “Umm, I don’t.” Girl: “Oh. Nice meeting you!”

Ramen noodles – It’s all you can afford, and there’s no way on Earth to make it delicious.

When the days run together – Eventually, after sitting around on your bum day after day, you can only tell what day it is because the mail didn’t come..

Not being able to take a vacation to get away from your crappy situation – People think unemployment is an endless vacation but they’re wrong. Your home is your jail now. Get used to it.

Only doing free things – For instance: Eating meals via samples from Whole Foods and Safeway, going to extremely boring museums, walking

The uncertainty of the future – You’re trying to find a job. You’re trying really damn hard. Every ounce of drive you have left has been poured into this. The rest of your life depends on this, and it’s scary. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Only the many people you’ve given your résumé to. Your future is in their hands. And all you can do is wait. Each day ticks by as you sit by the phone, waiting, not knowing, praying for a better future, lending to the many reasons why unemployment is so very


If you want to read more by Tyler you can visit his blog at 1000 UnAwesome things or follow him on twitter.

Happy Friday and good luck to everyone with the job hunt!


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