These Quotes Hit Home

I stumbled across this article last week and let’s just say it really hit home for me. The story highlights a town in Pennsylvania where over 1,000 applicants are applying for 300 open positions at a new area Walmart.  I don’t know whether to feel incredibly depressed or relieved that I haven’t had to hit up Walmart yet for employment opportunities. I definitely felt depressed when I realized the quotes from some of the applicants could have come directly from my own mouth.

“It’s hard to keep up the smile,” says Parella. “I worry that they can read in my face how I really feel.”

She said exactly what I feel. How am I supposed to keep up a positive, energetic, creative front when I don’t know how I will be able to afford my own apartment next month?

Young and old, well educated and uneducated, they’re all coming here for the same thing: a job at the new area Walmart, which has set up a hiring center inside the hall; and most of them don’t care how many hours the store can give them, what they’ll have to do, or even how much they’ll be paid. They just want a job.

First requirement: Humility.

“I’ll take anything,” many say.

Of course I really need a job and the options I have to consider are almost humiliating knowing how much time, effort and hard work I’ve put into my career.  Now, I sit here so humbled as to consider a position at Walmart which frankly I would not have taken in high school (Although, I’m no snob. I did make blizzards at Dairy Queen).

“It’s hard,” says Tara Durnell, a 37-year-old mother looking for work at Walmart. She gets just one day a week at a Yankee Candle store in the mall, and a few more hours cleaning up a doctor’s office.

“I love to work. I don’t like sitting at home. This isn’t me,” she says.

I know exactly how she feels. If I haven’t mentioned this before (which I’m sure I have) I’ve been working at least part-time since I was 16 years-old. I really love to work. Having steady work and a steady paycheck makes me more productive in all areas of my life and gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Without some type of employment it’s actually hard to find the energy to keep hunting for jobs and filling out applications.

It is a tough world for the unemployed and my heart goes out to all of you people applying at Walmart. Trust me, I know how you feel.


5 responses to “These Quotes Hit Home

  • thenitakeberlin

    Love your blog! Most Awesome thing today for me. Thank you.

  • GhostRider

    Rebe, it isn’t that you need a different mind set and if you do, I certainly would not be the one to say it as I don’t even know you, but it did does say something that you stated, “…I haven’t had to hit up Walmart yet for employment opportunities…” Being that you also state, “…I don’t know how I will be able to afford my own apartment next month”, I would say to you, that you do have to hit up Walmart for employment opportunities. I am willing to suggest to you that you create a different mind set – not that you need to – and if things change, you’ll certainly be happier…If nothing changes, you’re no worse off for it.

    Historically, it has always been easier to find a job you want, when you have got one you don’t want, than none at all.

    Trust me – do it today…. ADAPT, IMPROVISE, OVERCOME

  • Hannah

    I’m definitely going through this right now…where’s the line between humility and giving up? I’m not really sure yet.

  • Tom

    Rebekah – If it is any consolation, your writing style is quite readable and interesting. I enjoy reading your blog even when it is focused on such a depressing subject. It is hard to stay positive and upbeat but you will find a way.

  • Pete Howorth

    When I was out of work, sending out so many job applications and hearing nothing in return you begin to think what’s the point of keeping applying, I know exactly how that feels, I’m only working now out of sheer luck that an agency I signed up to months ago offered me a position doing data entry, it was meant to be for two weeks but I made sure they wanted to keep me around by breaking any target they set for me.

    Sometimes it’s not about doing something you enjoy but doing something just to keep your head above water. Definitely wouldn’t want to work in a supermarket, but if I had absolutely nothing else, I would have to lower myself to such a job.

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