Bad News

In an effort to keep all unemployed 20-somethings informed on the latest unemployment news, I’m sharing this article.

Apparently, a former White House economist has come out and said that he doesn’t believe unemployment will drop below 8% until after 2012. Scary!

Sorry about the bad news. I hope this unemployment cartoon will make you feel a little better!


One response to “Bad News

  • GhostRider

    At 20-something is when you start “hearing” political, economical, etc, statements for the first times in life – On a purely mathematical basis, at 50-something, you’ve been listening to them over 3 decades. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic – and btw, optimism and pessimism don’t always correlate with reality yet truth and denial do – but for all intents and purposes, and based on those over 3 decades of experience, I would say 2016 is more realistic time frame. Of course, everything is relative – area you live in, industry or business you are in, position you seek within that industry, salary your seeking, personal history, etc.
    Best Advice I can offer to unemployed 20-somethings is, first and foremost, secure A job, Walmart, Restaurant, Temping – ANYTHING! Secondly once you do, create a cash and carry lifestyle based on that income ($7-10/hr); do not use credit, and hunker down by getting rid of all niceties like cable, manicures, etc. AND Ride it out!

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