Acing a Job Interview

I wish that I could tell you how to ace a job interview from personal experience but I’m going to leave it to the experts. I found this article in Bloomberg Businessweek that offered eight job interview tips that will help you win a job!

This tip really caught my eye in reference to my recent Walmart post,

Up From McDonald’s

Twenty-plus years ago, I interviewed John for a client-service job. We were both 21; John had just graduated from college, and was working as a crew member at McDonald’s (MCD). “Tell me about McDonald’s,” I said, and John jumped into an explanation of the company’s supply chain: “It’s incredible,” he said. “They know exactly what each store sold on each shift yesterday, so the distribution center sends us just the items we need, based on projected sales for today. The feedback mechanisms are impressive. It’s an incredibly efficient information flow.” John used his ringside seat to study the operation in a situation where many of his colleagues merely flipped burgers. He saw the bigger picture, paid attention to the critical points where service and profitability were made or broken for the restaurant, and used the job interview to share what he knew. John got the client-service job, and today runs a research organization.

The lesson: You can get altitude on your business from any vantage point. Don’t just complete the tasks assigned to you. Use your perch as a place from which to learn the business, and be able to talk about what you know.



One response to “Acing a Job Interview

  • Hannah J. Holmes

    WOW! amazing! i never want to bring up my past retail jobs and such but good grief! i paid attention to what went on at the corporate level, i just never thought of talking about that in an interview!

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