Stages of Unemployment

At first unemployment feels like this:

Then, after a few months unemployment feels like this:

But just remember that when…

To see more funny cat pictures go here!


4 responses to “Stages of Unemployment

  • Johanna

    Ha ha, these pictures are hilarious..totally how I feel sometimes when I think about the job market.

  • the20spot

    hilarious! 🙂

    i have a question. do you follow up after applying for a job? i rarely do and not sure if that’s what the problem is… how long do you usually wait?

    with email being so impersonal, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. and with the economy the way it is, i’m sure email/HR drop boxes are flooded.

    • rebekahmeinecke

      I recently had a networking meeting with someone who told me that it was really important to follow up with a quick “thank you” email (especially in the pr/communication field). I haven’t really done it in the past but after talking to him I think I will start! I always feel like I would just be annoying them but I guess you really have nothing to lose!

  • Aaron Shuster

    Ironically I’ve performed the same body positions in my search for a job. Graduated in May with a BS in Biology and simply cannot find employment in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia areas. Four interviews and nothing.

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