Unemployment is Better in FL

This past week I took a vacation from my unemployed life and went down to Florida to visit some friends.  Instead of escaping from my unemployment, I found many people down there in a similar situation.

I realized first and foremost that unemployment is better in Florida because:

  • You can spend your unemployed days laying on the beach and getting a tan.
  • The real estate market is in shambles and the cost of living is WAY lower.
  • You have a lot of other unemployed friends to occupy your time!

Now,  I am saying this somewhat in jest although a beach would be really nice right now. Unemployment is no fun anywhere. My peers in Florida may have an easier time affording rent on a bartender’s  salary but truthfully they still have dreams and goals that are not being accomplished. They are working odd jobs to pay their way through school and the sad state of the economy hit me even harder when I was there than it does in D.C.

This is probably because I don’t have a lot of unemployed friends in D.C. Unemployed people can’t last long in D.C. because the price of living is so high. However, D.C. has a lot more job opportunities for young professionals than there are in Florida so it’s clearly a catch 22.

I’m determined to stay in D.C. and to work as hard as possible to achieve those goals I have already been working hard for 22 years to achieve.

Then again, the beach would be really nice right now!


3 responses to “Unemployment is Better in FL

  • Jackie

    It is wonderful being able to go to the beach haha but as you pointed out I’d much rather be living out my dreams and using what I’ve learned through school and internships! Especially on cloudy days 🙂

  • Ash

    I’m a Floridian (unemployed 20-something too!) and you hit the nail on the head!

    It definitely is easier to live day to day, but the job opportunities over here are few and far between for recent college graduates. It does make it easier when you can escape to the lake or beach for a day or two.

    Subscribed now 🙂

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