Where Liberty Dwells


My name is Jarrett Stepman and I look forward to contributing to Pick Your Future. I have seen some of the work that Rebekah has done for this blog and I am intrigued by its direction and message.

I am a native Californian, born and raised in Oakland, and I graduated from UC Davis last year. I have been tottering along with only partial employment since that time. Many of my friends and peers are in the same boat and some are doing much worse.

However, despite those problems, I remain quite optimistic about my future and the future of the country.

What I hope to bring to this blog is not merely a discussion of the economic challenges that I and many other young Americans face, but also the broader implications of governmental policy, culture, and what is sometimes called “Americanism”.

I believe, like I hope most Americans believe, in what Alexis De Tocqueville called “American Exceptionalism”. This exceptionalism derives from the unique experience and institutions of the United States and has contributed to its remarkable success as a nation for over 200 years.

I will try to bring our country’s current situation into focus using the lens of American and world history. On top of that I will be writing about the leaders that bring this message to the public, and how they can better bring it to young people especially.

The biggest challenge for the next generation will not be the short-term opportunities or lack of opportunities for employment, but will be whether or not American ideas about liberty and opportunity, passed down through every generation, can survive into the next.

It’s a big challenge. America has always changed at a breakneck pace, and those changes are happening faster for each successive generation.

I hope that my analysis and perspective can be enlightening to the readers of Pick Your Future.


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