Greeting Cards Can Only Say So Much

Layoffs hit close to home for me recently. My mom is a teacher and the school district where she works just laid off every employee who had worked for the district for less than 3 years. Luckily my mom didn’t lose her job, but several of her coworkers did.

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, this situation is not unique and even Hallmark is taking that into account.

Hallmark has just released a line of job loss sympathy cards for you to console your unemployed friends with.

When my mom told me about her district’s layoffs she talked about how awkward the situation was, so now apparently there is a greeting card for that…

I don’t really know how I feel about these cards. While the issue they address is extremely relevant and they will probably sell a lot of cards, I find them semi-derogatory.

The themes of the cards range from sentimental to sarcastic.

One reads, “Sorry you lost your job, but please remember your job is not who you are. You have many great qualities, and that’s what really matters. Until someone realizes your unique abilities, I hope you’ll take pride in all you’ve accomplished and realize how much you have yet to give.”

Another says, “”Don’t think of it as losing your job. Think of it as a time out between stupid bosses.”

Proponents for the cards argue that it is a positive approach to losing a job and that it will help stave off feelings of post-job depression.

But despite that, I know I won’t be giving any of these out any time soon!

What do you guys think? Would you be ok with getting a job loss sympathy card?


2 responses to “Greeting Cards Can Only Say So Much

  • liradand

    I would consider anyone who sent me one of those cards a terrible friend!!!

  • Tori

    I think anyone giving these cards really needs to know their audience AND their relationship with said audience EXTREMELY well. With that said, If I got one of these cards from my husband or best friend, I’d think it was supportive and / or hilarious (depending on the card, of course).

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