Former President Bush Still Creating Change

On Monday I had the amazing opportunity to go to the topping out ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

At the ceremony they placed the last beam atop the center’s Freedom Hall, the future entrance to the center. Former President Bush and Laura Bush also spoke on their new policy institute and the work it is already doing.

(Sorry for the bad quality! These are camera phone pics!)

“The challenge after you are President to make sure you are still constructive, that you add something to society,” Bush said at the ceremony.

Tackling this challenge head on, George and Laura began the Bush Institute. This think tank focuses on four core issues:
– Improving America’s public schools
-Fostering democracy and supporting freedom advocates
-Saving lives through global health initiatives
-Promoting free markets and economic growth

Whether you loved or hated George W. Bush as President, you have to admit these are admirable goals!

They have already started work in all areas, hiring scholars from around the globe to gather in Dallas, TX and work on new policies and ideas.

One of the ideas I find most relevant to us is the idea of the 4% project. Four Nobel laureates have come together and written a plan that expands and utilizes the free market so that the U.S. could see GDP growth of 4%. This project is a three-year Bush Institute initiative. Institute officials say they will examine the public and private sector actions necessary to improve GDP.

This project, though lofty, wants to revamp the creation of jobs, and that’s good news for all of us!

“We are interested in staying involved with public policy that will be consequential,” Bush said Monday. “We want to make sure we continue to lead with compassion. We want to make sure our nation doesn’t retreat and continues to change lives around the globe.”

What do you think? Is Bush right? Can we change the state of the economy by relying on the free market?


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