The Occupy movement spreads to the South

Occupy Wall Street made its way to the South today and several hundred protesters came out to the Federal Reserve in Dallas.

Although the media has made it seem like the movement is just a bunch of young hipsters, I was shocked at the diversity of the crowd.

People of all ages were in attendance, from strollers to walkers!

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The entire political spectrum was in attendance as well. While about half of the attendees carried Ron Paul’s slogan, “End the Fed,” others proclaimed their love of the Democrat party.

While their message is still unclear, I admire their zeal for change! Even if the rhetoric seems a bit off, we all want to see something be done about this current economic climate.

If the participants from this protest are any indication, the economy is impacting everyone from all walks of life and some people are starting to do something about it.

While I don’t agree with the message in its entirety, I feel that we should all speak up and let the world know how we feel!

So readers, how do you feel? Do you agree with this movement and message or do you want to write your own?


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