Saxophones, student loans and randomness

So I couldn’t quite flesh anything out into a full post being that the homeless man outside my apartment building is blaring quite loudly on his saxophone, but here are a few things on my mind.

– This saxophone music has me thinking that I would like to write a song about unemployment, but then I remember that I am tone deaf and think the better of it. However, some nice man on youtube wrote a nice satirical song on unemployment in today’s economy. It gave me a laugh so I thought I would share.


– I also read an article in USAToday about avoiding student loan defaults. At first it made me feel a little bit better because I had options for paying my student loans, then I remembered that I graduate in 2 months and 1 week and I started to have a small panic attack. The video with the article wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it definitely reflected some of my fears.

– I came across this on Twitter today and I thought I would share. It maybe slightly distasteful, but it sure feels like the truth.

So what are your random thoughts on unemployment?


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