The Book Corner

Pick Your Future will be adding a new section that features books and literature, new and old, that pertain to American history, the American experience and the future of this country.

One of the most critical elements of any nation is a story, heritage and set of ideas that make it what it is and binds citizens together.

For most nations, a shared ethnicity is enough to bind people together and work for a better future, but America is different and perhaps unique in the fact that it is bound by no ethnicity. This country was founded on ideas, and those ideas have energized this country in every generation.

So the focus will be on works that delve into American ideas, American statesmen and leaders, as well some highlighting all kinds of Americana.

David McCullough, a great, Pulitzer Prize winning historian, said of the past:

History could have gone off in any number of different directions in any number of different ways at any point along the way, just as your own life can. You never know. One thing leads to another. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Actions have consequences. These all sound self-evident. But they’re not self-evident – particularly to a young person trying to understand life.

McCullough understands how important it is to bring the people and ideas of the past to a new generation because their experiences, challenges, successes and failures can help us understand the world today. He said of people from history, “They lived in the present just as we do. The difference was that it was their present, not ours.”

These articles will mostly be featured on Fridays and weekends.


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