Staying Put

One of the results of a down economy is that people are often reluctant to pull up stakes and move, the Associated Press reported this trend to be true in the current economy.


The report confirmed that young Americans that are staying close to home, unwilling or unable to bear the cost.


That Americans aren’t moving just ads to the evidence that the country is stagnating. Businesses aren’t hiring, banks aren’t lending, young adults can’t find career building work, and people aren’t leaving their hometown.


What was also interesting from the AP report is that young college graduates are staying in those college towns that they got a degree in. To a certain extent this makes sense because they stay in a place more comfortable and familiar with many close contacts. At the same time, being stuck in an environment that is already highly competitive and oversaturated with talent may be holding many graduates back.


What do you think? Do you find it easier right now to stay in your home town to find employment, or would you branch out if you could?


One response to “Staying Put

  • browneyedamazon

    I’m actually an example of the opposite. I moved from Florida to nebraska two months ago because of a job offer. I have lived in either NY or Florida my whole life so going from East coast to midwest never seemed like an option. Until now…

    I work in the nonprofit sector and jobs are especially scarce here. The nonprofit I had been working for the past year could no longer afford to pay me and I stayed because I believed in the vision. But after a year of living on couches I got blessed with a random phone call from the Director of another nonprofit in the same line of work (anti-human trafficking). They offered me a position as a department head and I had to take it.

    Now I’m blessed to continue the same work I love, experience a snowy winter for the first time in years, and remain on the board of my old non-profit. It’s the best of both worlds.

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