About Pick Your Future

Pick Your Future is a website devoted to the discussion and analysis of issues that impact youth in America in the context of election 2012, which may be one of the most pivotal elections that will determine which path the country takes. Will voters favor a big government approach where planners pick winners and losers? Or will voters choose a system in which the individual is empowered over bureaucrats and government? Young voters will have a huge role in determining this outcome, and that is why the target audience will be both young Americans as well as older Americans who are concerned about the future of the country and its unique heritage, institutions, and outlook.

Among the most prominent issues that impact young Americans are fiscal in nature. This includes unemployment, diminishing occupational opportunities, the effectiveness of American schools—or lack thereof, rising state and federal debt, and a system of entitlements and government spending that fuels that debt. These are just some of the many fiscal challenges facing the youngest generations, and the issues most likely to impact their short-term future.

More than just the fiscal issues, though, are the broader implications of a changing America, which is transforming in terms of demographics. The country is much older and includes much higher numbers of ethnic minorities than it did even a few short decades ago. Republicans must appeal to minorities without straying from their conservative principles.

On top of the issue and policy discussion will be a focus on the rapid changes in technology and how that influences the way that young people get their news. These rapid changes produce negatives as well as positives, but this site will be focused on highlighting how new technology can be a boon for civic discourse.

An examination of historical trends will also be a key feature of this site, bringing in examples from the past that will help put modern changes and circumstances into context.

The agenda is to get young Americans to think critically about the most important issues of the modern world, presenting the viewpoint that America must be able to change without damaging what has historically made it so successful.

To do this, Pick Your Future will bring in a number of young writers that believe in making a positive impact on the country’s future and want to keep America exceptional. Also, it welcomes engagement by older Americans who are interested in this process.


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